Welcome back to Queer Quarantine Ecologies. Due to the pressures of the moment, I am having trouble keeping up with posts for the prompts so am releasing the next set as a block. Please respond to one or more that pique your fancy.

 four queers dressed as engineers stand on a stage bathed in red light. Behind them is a projection of an oil well and a water nymph and salmon having a drink at the bar.
What do you wish you could wear into the field? The Army Chorus of Engineers ponders the fate of their work for the Manifestly Destined. Performance still of “The Gold Fish, or Straight Flushes for the Manifestly Destined” by July Cole, dir. Ezra Berkeley Nepon, 2012.

Prompt # 3

What do you wear to the lab or field? What do you wish you could wear?

Prompt #4 

What birds (or other creatures) did you see out your window today? what were they doing, and who watched them with you? (Inspired by Anandi Wonder’s SF window videos)

Prompt #5 

Did your feet touch the earth today? Did water touch your skin? How did the air smell today? Show or describe how that felt and what you felt while aware of those elementals. Draw a diagram or concept map of the relation, and think about whether you can consent to this touch, and whether the air, earth, or water consent. (Inspired by Kyle Whyte’s keynote at the Environmental Justice in Multispecies Worlds workshop, UW Madison, 3/7/20, just before quarantine.

Prompt # 6

Listen for machine sounds (cars, airplanes, factories, etc.). Map where they are in relation to where you are sitting. Now imagine the smoke, effluent, or other toxins that emanate from them, draw them, and list them if you know what they are. How do you imagine they affect your body? What other (human and nonhuman) animal, plant, fungi or microbial bodies do these releases affect? Have they decreased with stay at home orders? Will they increase again once the releases are lifted? (If you want to find out more about toxins in your neighborhood, check out the tools at https://toxtown.nlm.nih.gov/community-action-tools).

Prompt #7

Open a window. What does spring sound and smell like? How dows the sun or wind feel on your skin? Does this spring hit your senses differently than other springs you remember? Post a recording or sound notation.

Which river?

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